Android TV has only recently been announced, and not yet even available to the public. There was some developer hardware passed out during Google I/O and it looks like the apps are already rolling out to support that limited group of users. The Android TV Remote Control and Google Cast Receiver apps arrived in the Play Store last week, and today we are seeing another.

The latest Android TV app to arrive in the Play Store is Netlix. The timing of the release is a bit surprising. Or maybe more accurate, it seems a bit quick. But having said that — it does seem smart on the part of Netflix. Having released early they should be able to make sure there aren’t any issues pending when Android TV is ready for the public.

In this case the Netflix app is different than the one that had been in the Play Store. The Android TV Netflix app supports the ADT-1 developer device, which means most users will end up seeing the “incompatible with all of your devices” message should they visit this app in the Play Store.

Otherwise, the features are just what one would expect. Netflix users viewing on an Android TV will be able to stream an unlimited amount of content from the Netflix library. Perhaps more interesting for those who aren’t yet able to play — the screenshots included in the app listing give a look at what can be expected.

The Android TV Netflix app can be found using this Google Play Store link.

VIA: Android Police