If you’re the type of person that likes to watch the most popular shows or movies first before anything else, finding out which are the ones that are the most popular on Netflix is not that easy. Well, more like you literally can’t because they don’t really release official lists or numbers. But now they’re going to make it easier for you as you will now be able to see a Top 10 feature when you open your app or access it on your smart TV.

The Top 10 feature on Netflix will show you the following: 10 most popular titles from your region, 10 most popular movies, and 10 most popular television shows. They will include both the licenses content as well as Netflix originals, although you would probably suspect that they will favor the latter. The overall Top 10 can be seen on your home screen but the other two lists will only show up when you go to either categories.

When you see the movies or TV shows in the other categories where they are located, you’ll see a small red flag on the upper right corner of the image with the Top 10 words so you’ll know that it’s one of the most popular on the platform. They will actually show the top ten categories on your home screen depending on how relevant the shows are to you. The list will be updated every day so you should get the freshest most popular titles.

Some Netflix users in the U.S. and Mexico actually have been seeing these Top 10 lists for the past six months. They were actually test subjects and since users said that the lists were useful, they are going to make it available to everyone and so they have started rolling it out globally for selected users. They are still not releasing actually viewership numbers for their original shows, but this is a start.

If you’re not seeing this Top 10 feature just yet, you’ll have to wait until Netflix enables it for your account. Again, we’re hoping that the list will not be skewed to their original programs or they should just create a separate list for that.