An update to the Netflix app on Android might not have an exhaustive changelog but it finally brings in a much awaited feature. Now users will be able to use the individual streaming profiles announced by Netflix a few months ago.

Individual profiles is a very convenient feature that is especially useful in family or group settings. It basically allows several individuals, up to five maximum, to share a single Netflix account. Each profile will have their own recently watched lists as well as their own personalized recommendations without stepping over others’.

Netflix launched the feature in August but noticeably lacking was support for Android devices. Although it was promised to come soon, that “soon” translated to “in a few months”. The long wait, however, is finally over and families and friends can take advantage of separate profiles on Netflix using their Android smartphone or tablet. This could make for a perfect combinations with a Google Chromecast.

The Netflix app update should now be rolling out to users in supported markets. A feature that seems to have not been advertised in the changelog is that the updated Netflix apps work with the restricted profile feature introduced in Android 4.3. This practically means that even if there are multiple profiles available, one profile could be locked down to prevent switching to another one, which makes for a nice parental control.

Download: Netflix on Google Play Store
VIA: Engadget