If you and your friends love to watch and share funny clips on social media with each other, you’ll probably enjoy this new thing that Netflix has been testing out and now releasing to iOS subscribers. Fast Laughs is a new section on the Netflix app that shows a feed of short-form sort of Tiktok-like clips from its various original content on the library. From the name itself, this means they’re funny videos that you can watch, react to, and share with your fellow Netflix friends.

The feed of “funny clips” will be made up of short clips from Netflix’s comedy catalog. This includes movies, series, sitcoms, and stand-up comedy shows. For now it seems to be limited to its own original programs but the streaming giant says it will eventually include their entire catalog. There is of course a warning that not all clips will be appropriate for all audiences as some of the jokes or scenarios are not for young eyes and ears. You’ll be able to filter the content based on maturity rating levels and this feature will not appear on Kids profiles.

You can access the Fast Laughs feature at the bottom navigation menu. It will start playing the clips one after the other so you will not run out of laughs, supposedly. Aside from being able to react to it, you can also add the show or movie the clip is from to your list so you can watch it later on. You can also start watching them immediately if you think you want to see the entire context or scenario that clip is from. You can always just go back to the Fast Laughs tab if you need more laughs.

Of course one of the joys of watching funny clips is the ability to share it. You can share the clips individually on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They did not mention it but whoever you’re sharing it with probably needs to have a Netflix app on their phone to be able to view it. The clips range from 15 to 45 seconds and is shown in a vertical, full-screen video with the engagement buttons on the right side, hence the comparison to TikTok.

Unfortunately, dear Android user, you won’t be able to see this just yet. The Fast Laughs feature is only available for iOS users for now but they did say they’ll be testing it on Android devices soon.