If you find something on Netflix that looks interesting but you know nothing about it, it would be great if you could somehow watch a short clip or preview about it before deciding to use your precious data on actually watching it. The TV interface of the streaming service had something like that previously but if you’re using your mobile device, you will now be able to enjoy a 30-second video preview of select shows. Plus, the video will be in a vertical format so no need to rotate your phone just to watch the preview.

When the previews roll out to your Netflix app, you’ll see round icons for shows that have it on your home screen. They look a bit like the Stories icons that you see on your Instagram. Just tap on any of them to watch a 30-second vertical preview of the show and it will go full screen. You don’t need to exit to get to the next video. Just swipe left to watch the next one or right to go back to the previous. Exit the full screen if you want to choose which to watch.

There will be around 75 shows that will have it when they finally launch, but of course more will be added later on. Both original Netflix shows and licensed shows will be included in the extensive catalog of previews. This is part of improving their mobile app, since 20% of Netflix viewing happens on smartphones and tablets but more than 50% of subscribers access the service on their mobile device on a monthly basis.

There is no news yet when the 30-second previews will officially roll out to Netflix Android users. You can also look forward to more features to be tested first before becoming official on the app.

VIA: Variety