Netflix is not just for adults who binge-watch their favorite TV shows like there’s no tomorrow. It can also be a friend to adults who need to keep their kids entertained or who uses it as part of their family’s daily routine. The video streaming giant is adding a couple of kid-friendly features to help parents think of what their kids should watch next or what they can watch together as a family. This includes a recap email for parents for recommendations and activities and a Kids Top 10 row to find your next great watch.

If you didn’t know yet, Netflix has tools and features specifically for kids and parents like kids profiles, custom ratings, and profile locks. Now they’re adding a couple more tools that can help you decide what to watch next. Parents who sign up their kids with a profile will get a bi-weekly recap email to understand their kids’ preferences as well as get more tools to engage those interests. This of course includes the recommendations based on the shows and movies what they’ve watched.

Aside from that, you also get printable coloring sheets and activities inspired by the kids’ favorite characters from their viewing habits. There are also topic charts that show the type of shows that they like watching, for example shows about science or about friendship. This will give you a better understanding of the things that they find interesting, at least on the platform. You will also get some tips on how you can maximize the Kids features on Netflix.

You’ve probably gotten your next watch from the Top 10 rows that you see on your Netflix homepage. So now they’re bringing Kids Top 10 rows as well for those on the Kids Profile. You’ll see the 10 most popular children’s content in your country. This way you can see what is it that everyone (well at least those with kids) are watching then decide as a family which one you want to watch too. Right now it looks like the top 10 is a mix of shows and movies.

These two features seem to be available already for all users. If you signed up for the recap email for parents, you’ll probably have a better idea of what other kid-friendly tools Netflix has up its sleeves.