Playing an MMORPG on mobile is just not the same as playing on a desktop PC. This is an understandable state of affairs – given the hardware and control limitations in mobile – but it is still a sad thing to experience. This is why we take with a grain of salt NetEase’s claim that their new MMORPG game – Crusaders of Light, on soft launch today – will offer mobile MMO gamers the kinds of features they would expect from a PC game.

NetEase is easily one of the biggest players in the global-gaming market – as of March, NetEase was one of the top 25 public game companies in terms of revenue, ahead of giants like Google and Nintendo. And Crusaders of Light is their new baby, now soft launching in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Other territories, including North America, Europe, Russia, and Brazil will follow.

The game boasts of over 300 hours of gameplay, according to NetEase. It will feature 40-player dungeon raids, only possible in games like World of Warcraft. The game will have 1-vs.-1, 3-vs.-3, and 5-vs.-5 PvP arena battles, as well as 25-vs.-25 battleground fights. If they’re able to pull this off, you may need to rope in your friends – a LOT of them – to the game.

If you’re willing to pre-register, NetEase is offering USD$50 worth of in-game items for players who do that, including a ram mount.

DOWNLOAD: Crusaders of Light