If you’re heavily invested in using Nest devices to secure your house, we have good news for you. Google wants to not just make your home safer but also now to make your tasks and routines more convenient and streamlined. To help you do that, they will be introducing Google Assistant soon to your Nest Guard, the “brains” of your whole Nest Secure system. This means you’ll be able to do a lot of what the digital assistant can do even if you don’t have any of the devices normally associated with it.

Once the update rolls out to the Nest Guard, you will be able to use Google Assistant as you would on your phone or your smart speaker. The device, which serves as the “brains” of your Nest Secure system, has a keypad and all the other sensors or connectors to the various supported products. It is normally placed where you would pass by a lot, making it easier to ask questions or give commands through the Google Assistant.

You can get real-time information from your assistant, like asking what the weather will be like before you leave the house or asking for the traffic conditions so you know what time you would have to actually leave. You can also manage your tasks without having to lift a finger, like set reminders, appointments in your calendar, add items to your shopping list, and other task management things the Google Assistant can do.

You will also be able to arm and disarm Nest Secure with your registered voice and also create Routines with your other connected devices. For example, when you say “Hey Google I’m home”, your lights will turn on and your Thermostat will go up. Or if you have Nest Hello, you can ask Google Assistant who’s at the door.

Once the Google Assistant starts rolling out to Nest Guard, users will receive an email on how to enable the feature as well as turn on the microphone on the Nest Guard through the app. This is an opt-in feature so you will have to manually enable it.

SOURCE: Google


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