If you bought a Nest Secure system (with its sensors and NFC tags and all) when it first came out last year, you’re probably pretty satisfied with it except for one thing: it did not have support for Google Assistant, which is strange since they’re under one company. Well prepare to be fully satisfied now as they have finally added voice support for the digital assistant so you Ok Google or Hey Google your way to a hopefully more secure and convenient home environment.

Once you’ve accepted the new update to your Nest app, you will now be able to arm your Nest Secure, disarm it, and check your security levels, all through voice commands given to your Google Assistant-powered device. Some commands that you will be able to use include the following:

* Hey Google, set Nest Secure to Home and Guarding.
* Hey Google, set Nest Secure to Away and Guarding.
* Hey Google, what’s the status of my security?
* Hey Google, cancel security.

The last one, you need to say a few seconds after arming your system so that not anyone can turn it off without your authorization. And you can only give the command if you armed the system with a voice command in the first place. You won’t be able to add Nest Secure in your Google Assistant’s Routines just yet, but this will probably be an imminent feature in future updates.

To get Google Assistant support, you need to open your Nest app and accept the new client update in the messages. Refresh your devices through a voice command to Assistant and it should then add your Secure system to your Nest device list.