The Power Project is one of Nest’s efforts to provide more homes with thermostats that may be very helpful for families. The company is launching this initiative in the United States to bring a million units of Nest Thermostat E to low-income households. It may take five years but Nest will be working with housing agencies, non-profit groups like Habitat for Humanity, and energy companies to ensure these homes get the thermostats they need. The project will start on April 22, Sunday, which is also Earth Day 2018.

Nest will start an awareness campaign to teach the public the impact of excessive home energy costs and how to help manage them. The low-end Nest Thermostat E will be available for a low price or even free for some. The main goal really is to decrease family’s expenses and increase efficiency by helping or teaching energy use management.

Habitat for Humanity has joined Nest in this effort and will be installing a Nest Thermostat E unit in every house that will be built in the US this 2018. If you want to help, you can get a new thermostat until April 30. Ten percent of sales will be given to charities Nest is supporting in the United States.

VIA: SlashGear