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Saying ‘Hey, Google’ isn’t really that difficult. It’s quite easy with only three syllables but things can even get easier because something can sense your presence. There is no confirmation or announcement yet but a Nest Hub Max user noticed his smart display knows when he is nearby. Jan Boromeusz, the same person who shared the revamped interface of the Google Nest Hub Max with a hands-on video, has just reported his observation. He said his device runs a “dogfood” firmware.

The version is intended (supposedly) for Google employees but our source currently has it. The features seem to be more advanced compared to the regular version. He said when the Blue Steel option is enabled and when he is within proximity, the Assistant starts. No need to say “Hey Google” at all to prompt the service. If he doesn’t say anything, nothing happens and it goes away.

It’s not clear what sensor is used here but the Nest Hub Max knows when someone is nearby. Perhaps it uses facial recognition with the camera. Maybe it works like the Soli on the Pixel 4. We don’t know.

It’s only exciting to know because it saves time and allows for more convenience. But then again, some may question privacy.

There is no telling if and when Google will make this available to the wider public. It could just be experimental. The tipster also said his connectivity was disabled after the story broke out. Could Google be disabling the Google Home or Assistant remotely? It can be creepy at times but we believe such has some good use.


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