Nest, makers of “smart home” devices like thermostats and smoke detectors, have been met with a lawsuit. The plaintiff named in the suit claims the thermostat produced by Nest actually cost consumers money rather than produce savings, as it claims. He is asking that the case be given class action status, pointing to various message boards as evidence of Nest’s lack of performance.

The complaint is pointed at Nest’s hardware. The complaint says the baseplate heats up, causing Nest to misread the temperature inside the home. From the filing:

Nest’s base and faceplate heat up, which causes Nest’s temperature reading to be from two to ten degrees higher than the actual ambient temperature in the surrounding room. This defect prevents the thermostat from working properly. As a result, Nest users do not experience the advertised energy savings.

If true, Nest products potentially have the opposite effect on your energy bill. The suit also claims Nest products like their thermostat afford nothing more than stylish accents to the home, calling it “aesthetically “cool” like the iPod”, but adding it “fails at even the most basic function of a a thermostat: accurately gauging and controlling temperature”.

For $250, we can’t say we blame the plaintiff for being upset. What remains unknown is whether or not his unit was faulty, or if there were similar instances of a manufacturing defect. We see no instance of a replacement unit being sought in the case, so we’ll have to wait and see if Nest products are found to be nonsense, or if this case is.

Via: GigaOm