Nest’s Tony Fadell is very complimentary of his new parent company. In a recent interview, he said Google was building the products we’d need, moving forward. He took time to take a swipe at his former employer while he was at it. Though he didn’t make specific reference, his tone suggests Google had bigger aspirations than we may know.

In the interview, the CEO said he “helped to change the world twice with the iPod and the iPhone. I want the chance to do it a third time.” He went on to say Nest has sold much or than people know, and that “Unlike other companies that have been purchased for big, big sums, we have real revenues.” Well, then.

Fadell also took the time to agian hammer home that Nest uses your personal info for their own gain, and Google has no part in it. He said the seperation of Nest and Google was made “very clear” when hammering out a deal. He also said Nest won’t be migrating to Mountain View, as some suspected after the deal was announced. He also added the Google grab was “was not a financially driven transaction”, and that both had aspirations to change the world. That likely gets us right back to his attempt to “change the world” a third time.

Though he set the record straight on Google and Nest, Fadell also took a jab at Apple. The guy who built the iPod and first iPhone said “I don’t know what Apple is working on. When I looked at the technology we are going to need 5-10 years from now, who has that and who is building it, it is Google.” We won’t disagree with that, but we’re sure other companies are working on things that will change things in their own way. It may not be robots, but Apple likely has something good in the pipeline.

Source: The Sunday Times (paid)

Via: Business Insider