Security systems aren’t just the domain of huge companies or rich, mansion-dwelling people anymore. The more OEMs creating consumer-ready and smart systems, the more affordable it will be for us regular people who also need to keep our houses secure. Nest is now expanding into this market by introducing several new products, including the Nest Secure alarm system, the Nest Hello video doorbell, and the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera. And you don’t really have to sell an arm or leg to be able to afford these products.

The Nest Secure alarm system is made up of three components: the Nest Guard, a base where you can find the alarm, keypad, and motion sensor, as well as a “friendly voice” to assist you; the Nest Detect, which you can stick on your window, wall, or door, and can detect motion and open or close movements and bring the information to your base; and the Nest Tag which is an fob that you can bring along with you and lets you arm and disarm your alarm system without having to use a passcode. The Nest Secure system starter pack is available for $499 and it already includes Nest Guard, two Nest Detects, and two Nest Tags. You can also purchase additional Detects for $59 each and Tags for $25 each. You can already pre-order by today and shipment starts November.

The Nest Hello video doorbell combines the “old school” front doorbell with the technology that comes from connected systems. It can detect the people who want to gain entry to your house, send you an alert and take a snapshot. You can also talk to the person from wherever you are, using HD Talk and Listen. This will be available in the US and Canada by the 1st quarter of 2018. No price has been released as of today.

Lastly, the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is a security camera that is obviously, built for outside your house, like your backyard, front porch, etc. Aside from showing you live footage, it will also give critical, actionable information. For example, it will send you alerts when someone unfamiliar is caught on camera. Meanwhile, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is the first security camera that has built-in Google Assistant through a software update for current and new owners. The Cam IQ Outdoor will be launching this November and will be available for $349 or $598 for a two-pack.

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