If you haven’t heard of Nest yet, they’re making the bid to be an essential part of your home’s technology and safety – deep into the realms of the “internet of things” argument. Nest is all about being able to wirelessly control the safety features of your house, direct from an app, directly from your mobile device, through the cloud. We’ve been hearing about this for a while now, but the time is now here — the Nest app has now been updated, and Nest is also intro-ing some sweet new elements and products.


First up, the Nest app has been updated to version 5.0 from 4.5. It’s not a straight upgrade, but you can uninstall the older app after the new one installs. Check out the download link below. The app features a new look and feel, a sleeker more “Material Design”-inclined approach to the aesthetic. From the new home screen, you get access to camera feeds and control for your cameras and thermostat. Tap the “home” circle to let Nest know you’re on your way home – it will automatically adjust your thermostat and turn off your cameras when you get home. Pretty nifty.


Nest is also debuting a new thermostat control interface, which gives users better access to the features the like most about the app. There are also new alarms in place, for when temperatures rise or fall beyond your set limits. Nest can warn you before the pipes freeze or your home overheats. Nest Protect is also a new control app/interface for your smoke alarms. You can silence or test your smoke alarms from just one place in the app.


Lastly, Nest has also upgraded the Dropcam and is now bringing us the Nest Cam. It’s a slimmer cam that has a magnetic base and a tripod attachment hole. It gives you full HD 1080p video, with motion alert and night vision capability. It’s a whole slew of upgrades, and you might want to start integrating it into your Nest setup.


DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store