It’s interesting to see that as our lives become more and more digital, there is a certain movement towards going back to old school analog habits and then melding them with our current digital set-up. We see that in the emergence of cameras and accessories that print photos immediately and now with apps and hardware trying to merge actual writing with a digital twist. The Neo smartpen N2 is one of those products that would appeal to artists and productivity nuts that would like the best of both worlds.

The smartpen automatically records every stroke, whether you’re writing or sketching on a paper, and transmits it to the Neo Notes app which you can download on your smartphone or tablet. It can also automatically sync the content to your Evernote, Dropbox, Adobe Illustrator and other similar apps. You can organize your notes either through notebooks, tags, or a calendar. Either way, it will be easy to make sense of your notes.


The smartpen has no on and off button, it will just do it by recognizing (or missing) the pressure. If you use it with NeoLab’s patentend notepaper, you can just tap a page in the notebook and it will email the content to whoever you want to send it to. The pen can also record, playback and eventually transcribe audio in your app.

This product is actually the result of a very successful Kickstarter campaign that saw 2,000 people back it up and they were able to sell 2,500 smartpens. You can now buy the Neo smartpen N2, either in black or white (or both, if you want two) through Amazon for just $170. If you run out of ink, you can always refill it with D1 ink which is available in a lot of stationery stores.