The smart pen category isn’t that big yet, but there are brands already trying to make their mark with innovative products that will attract those already using it or convert new users to the fold. NeoLAB Convergence is one such brand and at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, they unveiled their latest creation, the Neo smartpen M1. What makes this one different is that it is “significantly slimmer” than the others in its category but it still has better functionalities to make capturing and digitizing your notes and sketches easier.

The developers say the Neo smartpen M1 looks more like the usual pen at just 10.4mm in thickness, unlike some of the smart pens that are bulkier and thicker. You use it with the N notebooks, which is powered by the Ncode technology, and the Neo Notes app that you can download on your phone or tablet. The smart pen is able to recognize handwritten notes and sketches and then digitizes your content and automatically backs it up to your connected Google Drive. You can also connect it to other cloud platforms like Evernote and Adobe CC.

The smart pen works well with the Neo Notes app as you can do in-app editing like highlighting text, deleting and selecting content, annotating existing notes, etc. You can also erase lines and delete background details so your content is ready for presentation. You can also record and playback audio that is synced with your actual pen strokes. As for your drawings, you can export it in a scalable format like SVG, PNG, or JPG. You can also convert your notes into digital text in 15 languages.

The press release says that the Neo smartpen M1 is already available in their online store but it looks like it’s still the older model, the Neo smartpen N2 that’s there. We will update this story once it’s already live and we know how much we will have to spend to get it. If you’re at CES 2018, drop by their booth to check it out.

SOURCE: Neolab



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