Our main homie Ewdi is up in his crib over in Japan [don’t worry, he’s completely safe], and he found one single store that had a working model (aka not just a dummy model) of the MEDIAS E-04C 7.7MM Android phone. That’s one thin phone, I must say. Ewdi notes that this model is running Android 2.2.2 Froyo, and is not as snappy as he thought it would be – and trust me when I say Ewdi’s had his hands on his fair share of smartphones. Our man in Japan with the goods!

Some of the things this device (or at least this model of this device) comes with are Quickoffice, Gmail, Mail, and I’m almost certain I can see EVERNOTE in there! Could it be true that this phone comes with Evernote pre-installed? This device is created by NEC and will at first be carried by NTT DoCoMo. It features a customized dialer (which we think every phone should have, really, what better tiny thing could a group use to define themselves than the actual original main function of a phone?) – this dialer will, Ewdi notes, depend upon the carrier you’re going to get this phone on.

[vms e131bfc9d98363e55d1d]

This device features a standard camera interface, a single flash camera on the back which functions very quickly, and the entire unit is very very very thin. Now go tell all your friends how awesome this phone looks so we can get a similar product here in the states! Do it now! Before Ewdi gets marked with a red flag and isn’t allowed in phone stores anymore because he’s always got his video camera!