In Barcelona at World Mobile Congress 2011, the Android was strong, man. So many people are interested in Android, in all its forms, that you never knew what you might find in the stands running on Google’s mobile OS. One of the more interesting items we found (more in theory than in practice) was the following dual-screen Android tablet presented by NEC. Operating with several apps, widgets, so forth all aimed directly at schools, this NEC LT-W tablet made sure that our hope for future generations of students making full use of the technology of the day was completely renewed.

You’ll see in the video you’re about to watch, if you dare, a not-quite-complete system that, if you ask us, shows a lot of promise. The actual hardware and software being shown here we’re not quite sure how to judge, but the idea that Android be used in such a way, in a classroom setting with instant results such as these, that’s the gold. Take a peek at what NEC has to offer here and, like a smart man played by Jack Nicholson once said: “think about the future.”

[vms df51aa2a5306b0f53320]

Apologies in advance for the sometimes-blurry video. You’ll hopefully get the gist of the situation essentially instantly, with this device running non-Honeycomb Android but acting like a big screen booklet tablet like an early version of something great. It’s clear that NEC brought this tablet along just to show what they’ll be capable of presenting in the future instead of this being a perfect product by any stretch of the imagination, but it is impressive nonetheless.