In case you haven’t heard CBS or the NCAA announce their new Android application we have all the details. With March Madness officially kicking off tomorrow it’s time we all get prepared for the onslaught of close games, 3 pointers, and nail biting finishes that are surely coming soon. The NCAA has just released their official March Madness app for Android and it’s quite awesome.

Available right now in the Google Play Store the official app works great, is designed well and even offers a live stream of all 67 March Madness games from the first one on the 13th, to the final game all on your Android smartphone. Currently there seems to be no tablet support, and streaming isn’t available on all devices but most will have access. Live Streaming will be $3.99 total to get all the games on your mobile device, or online. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

Streaming wont work on the Galaxy Nexus or Android 4.0 devices but everything else is working great here. From checking scores, calendar of games, brackets and more. For those that don’t want to pay for streaming the app does offer radio broadcasts of every single game, so that is a plus. We also have alerts for upsets, overtimes, crunch time (close games), or for users to select alerts for their favorite team.

All the details on the free features or the paid live streaming and more is available from the official market at the Google Play Store linked to below. Get those brackets ready to go, buy some beer and Dorito’s and enjoy the best month of college basketball.

Play Store – March Madness