Uh oh, it is that time of the year. Time to get crazy, gamble my rent, fill out some brackets, buy a new 65″ LED 240 Hz HDTV. You name it, we all do it when March Madness comes around. The NCAA Mens Basketball Final 4 is on it’s way, and I can’t wait. (I don’t really gamble away my rent, but I do live in Vegas). Today we here at AC present you with the March Madness Android App Roundup.

For those that love and follow March Madness, this is a crazy time of year, with upset after upset, Duke & Ohio going down (maybe), BYU’s amazing Jimmer Fredette shooting 3’s from 30 ft like it’s a free throw shot, things are sure to be exciting this year. So to help all of you running the ever so popular and evolving Android OS, we have decided to do a small round up of the best Android apps for March Madness. I also have some hands on of my favorite app to show you all on my Xoom. The next few apps listed are my top pics for March Madness apps on Android.

ESPN Bracket Bound 2011 *Top Pick*

ESPN’s Bracket Bound is my top pick. This is my favorite app I’ve found so far for the actual tournament. I recommend you all go download this. It is available now in the Android Market. It has everything you’d want. From news, video’s, highlights, analysis, and even research. This can and will do everything you need. I fired it up on my Motorola Xoom and watched some video’s. It seems to work great and it has loads and loads of content. Check out some screenshots below.

March Madness Fan Zone

Next up is the Fan Zone, this takes my number 2 spot for the best Android app for the tournament. It has social media integration like Facebook & Twitter so you can talk trash with all your friends that are also following the madness in march. It has real time news, scores, and schedule updates. You can even add info to MMS and send it to your friends. This is another good app for March Madness to keep you in the loop for everything. I highly recommend this also. Download it now in the Android Market.

Live Scores by Yahoo! Sports

We also have Live Scores. I use this app almost every single day as I am big into sports. Mainly Football and Basketball. Live Sports is probably my favorite overall app for all things sports. It has everything. From NCAA, to NFL, NBA, WNBA, NCAA Womens, Tennis, and more. You name it and they have it. This does video’s, news, updates, scores, highlights, and stat tracking. I use this to check scores almost everyday and see how many points someone has put on the board. This isn’t aimed at March Madness but is very useful either way. Download it now in the Android Market also.


Bracket is another good app, not to be confused with Pocket Bracket or Bracket Tracker. Just “Bracket”. It is one of the more polished trackers on the Android market and will allow you to get everything set up and good to go. This tracker for the March Madness tournament, includes easy editing and score tracking, and live updates. Give this a go if you’d like to follow your own bracket more precisely. *Note that it does not work well on Tablets Download it now in the Android Market.

Lastly I’ll just mention a few more apps that I think could be very useful for you readers as well. There is ESPN ScoreCenter for that don’t like Yahoo’s Live Scores, it is very much the same and has a huge user base. Also there is a paid app called Watch Live Sports. It is $2.99 in the Market but not everyone wants to pay for that. It does work great over Wifi though. Personally I just go to ESPN3.com on my Adobe Flash enabled phone and watch what I want right from my phone or Tablet. I hope a few of these app suggestions help you enjoy March Madness a little more. Feel free to comment down below or visit our forums as we’d love to see you all there. Now enjoy the month of March, I wish whatever team you love the best of luck, and hopefully no one gets hurt while cheering, or from remotes being thrown. Enjoy the rest of the Basketball week guys.