NavMeter is a new travel-related app that works with Google Maps navigation. The app knows when the latter is running so it makes use of information and indicators that the user has already chosen. NavMeter can display the speed limit, speedometer, compass, coordinates, and the altimeter on the app—depending on what the user wants to know. It’s a free app but you can avail of several in-app items to maximize the NavMeter’s features.

The indicators can be placed anywhere on the screen. You are free to customize the look of your interface by dragging the items, choosing the shape, resizing, or changing the transparency and color. These indicators are linked to Google Maps Navigation so it will automatically sync and display real-time data. You can always activate or hide the indicators manually though especially when there is an incoming call.

With the NavMeter, you can turn your smartphone into an HUD (heads-up display) to show you information like speed, speed limit, time, direction, or altitude. This HUD mode is still in beta but more features should be added soon. The app also features day or night mode which you can toggle automatically or manually depending on the time you will set but only for the full version.

Select which units you are familiar with to use from km/h to mph, m/s or kn for speed, decimal or degrees-minutes-seconds for coordinates, or m or ft for altitude. The pro version allows access to all features and actions including: display speed limit indicator and play a sound when you exceed the speed limit. Full version of the NavMeter GPS Maps Speedometer costs $1.99.

Download NavMeter GPS Maps Speedometer from the Google Play Store