We were just messing around with Google Maps here at CES, and realized the entire CES complex is mapped in – booth to booth! For those of you that are going to be here at the show, there isn’t a better way to navigate your way around. Sure, you could pick up a map – but then you’d have to find a place to pick it up. Let’s just stick to Google Maps.

Earlier in November, we noticed Google Maps made indoor malls and airports available for navigation – and this is precisely what they’ve done at the CES event. Hopefully, they continue to elaborate their maps to include all indoor places – and here in Vegas we’ve been fortunate enough to have it wherever we go.

The Venetian malls and ballrooms are all mapped out as well, so if you plan on heading over to any events there – Google can still guide your way. And remember, stick with us through CES 2012 for more tips and updates!