Perhaps the most popular personalization tools right now are app launchers. You get to customize your homescreen or notification with your frequently used and favorite apps and turn it into a launcher. The idea is to prepare quick access to such apps. We’ve featured several launchers already but today, we have a new app that we know will be copied by more developers.

This Navbar Apps lets you change your navigation bar. Feel free to change the color or background design depending on your mood and style. You can change it into any color you want or change the graphics. You can also add more information or data on the bar for a quick view like maybe the battery level or time. You can add images to make it look more fun as well.

You see, your navigation bar doesn’t need to be boring. We’re actually surprised we haven’t really thought about it although we’re certain some people already have. What’s good about this app is that doesn’t need any root access. It’s easy to manage. Just download the app and then set your preferences.

Navbar Apps users can gather together in one community to share custom designs and ideas. If you’re so into customization and personalization, then this app is for you. Finally, that navigation bar can be changed.

Download Navbar Apps from the Google Play Store