This is sort of an odd situation where a gigantically important group like NASA will have an official app for the masses, and with a launch of such epic preparations this morning, it just makes sense for you to get re-interested in space travel via your best buddy Android. The following app is one that we’re going to take a quick look at for you and encourage you to take part in a group that makes history every single day they’re active. Space travel from your Android handset – who knew!

What you’re going to be able to do with this utterly FREE app is take a look at images, first of all, from NASA’s massive memory banks. You’ll be able to see images from NASA IOTD, APOD, and On that same line, you’ll be able to see NASA Video from the past in simple to view list form, launches, announcements, documentary sorts of situations and more! Information on what NASA is up to will be available for you including mission information, launch dates and times, and countdown clocks.

It gets really rather interesting when you find that you’re able to get current visible passes for the international space station, you see you can get ISS and Earth orbiting satellite tracking information, and of course, the most important thing of all: NASA Twitter updates! Connections to Facebook, NASA live TV, maps of actual NASA centers, and featured content are all par for the course here.

This app was last updated YESTERDAY which means you’ll be grabbing the very newest bits of info from the source here be it info about today’s launch, tomorrows tracking of the astronauts on the launch, and the re-entry, whenever they decide that is. All that said, head to the Android Market today and grab yourself a copy!