One filesharing titan goes down, another one rises up. But this one’s an old monster, Napster! I remember back when Napster was the first program I ever used to download music, way before it was possible to pay for digital files. Now look at the world. Napster had their hand slapped a bunch of years ago, but file pirating didn’t stop, in fact it got bigger, lots bigger. What happened to Napster though, you might ask? They didn’t fizzle, they made some deals with the music industry and their back, with the exact same logo, on your Android, and they’ve got offline content.

Napster’s own blog reveals today that after releasing a streaming-only service for their Android App, that they’re releasing an update that’ll allow you to save your favorite playlists and albums to your phone so you’ll be able to play them offline. Isn’t that the same as stealing again? Idunno. Let’s talk about it.

Napster lets us know that “Napster plus Mobile Access” is available on Android devices and iOS devices like the iPhone, and that they’ve got over 11 million songs ready to play for a cost that’s “less than I spend on sugar water every week.” That’s weird. So it’s a monthly cost, and now you can save the music to play later. I imagine it’s the sort of deal where you can’t then take it off the phone for later, but who cares? Seems like a neato deal to me.

[Via Napster]