Cloud gaming is mainstream now and Nacon’s new series of Xbox controllers specially tailored for xCloud proves that right. The MG-X Series controllers by the European company specializing in the distribution of games and related accessories are targeted at mobile gamers who will stream Xbox games on their Android phones. Basically, you’ll get two options – the MG-X and the MG-X Pro, which come in compact and sturdy make for long hours of cloud gaming. The company has also announced the Revolution X and Pro Compact controllers specifically for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC which will arrive in early part of 2021.

MG-X Series

The two gaming controllers come with adjustable stands which are good for Android phones having a screen size of up to 6.7-inches. The connectivity is seamless with just a tap and in one go you can enjoy up to 20 hours of non-stop gaming if you are crazy enough to do that. The MG-X is the compact of the two with a handheld console like design, ideal for players with small hands or ones who prefer portable accessories.

For ones who want to experience a contemporary gaming console like feel, the MG-X Pro is the one to go for. It has a traditional controller shape that elongates on either side to accommodate the smartphone. Players with bigger hands will fancy this option as it has a wider configuration for more freedom.

Revolution X

Those who prefer a PC for gaming are going to love the Revolution X by Nacon. Even the console lovers will have a second thought about this controller tailor-made for pro-level gaming on Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One. There are plenty of options – customizable profiles, joystick accessories, additional weights, and carrying case. Revolution X is the most high-end controller amid them all for Pro-level gaming on console or PC.

Pro Compact

This controller is ergonomically designed for semi-pro level gamers who settle for nothing but the best. Pro Compact brings programmable buttons, trigger sensitive controls and stick settings – promising comfort and customization of the highest grade. This one will come in white and black color options, giving you the freedom to pair with your Xbox console or PC setup.