Let’s start off with the old. Keeping the trend started by the G1, the myTouch Slide will be available in a variety of colors. The standard black and white but this time around merlot has been replaced in favor of red.  If you’re a fan of the optical trackpad, it will make an appearance on the device along with a few capacitive buttons and a new “G” button.

And that brings us to the something new. Apparently T-Mobile has added the “G” button which has its own Android app. T-Mobile trademarked this G button back in March. The folks over at AndroidGuys have uncovered a picture of the trademark; nobody knows what this app will do. Hopefully it does something really cool unlike most carrier specific apps. Will this button an app be included in future Android offerings from T-Mobile? Only time will tell, more information on this “Genius Button” will hopefully leak out soon, I’m interested in knowing what it does.

[via cellphone signal]