That may have taken longer than most have wanted but the myTouch 3G Slide has been rooted. Eugene373, a modder that has done some great work with the Cliq and Behold 2, has just rooted the Slide. You can find the instructions after the break.

How-TO Root the Slide

First things First… Power Off the Slide

Download This Package > Slide

Step 1.
Place the Contents of the File’s into the SDK Directory

Step 2.
Open Command Prompt and CD to the SDK/Tools Directory.

Step 3.
Type Loop in Command Prompt

Step 4.
Power on the Slide By Holding Down ( Volume Down + Power Button )

Step 5.
Select Recovery From the Menu Chose once Loaded

Step 6.
Once Recovery Loads, You should Have an Offline Device ( ctrl+c ) to See.
If Not, Power Off and Try again..

Step 7.
Un-plug USB & Plug back in for it to Detect ADB Correctly!!! Important..

Step 8.
Select ( This will fail, but we already know that! ).

Step 9.
adb push /sdcard/

Step 10.
Very important!! Have this Command Ready in Command Prompt before hitting Update again!!
adb push /sdcard

step 11.
Hit Update, Once you see a Little Bar appear push Enter on prompt you push the above File ( adb push /sdcard )

Step 12.
You should Now be Looking at ClockworkMod Recovery!!

Step 13.
Go to Partitions menu and Mount system

step 14.
Hit back & select in the New Recovery ( This now Finishes Root ).

Step 15.

Step 16.
adb install Superuser.apk

That’s it, you now Have Root… I’ll clean this up a bit, But it’s the same Root method as the HTC Incredible… I Just added Su & fix the Script, Plus figuring out how-to get it to write to system to Paul O’Brien:
Koushik K. Dutta: already made Recovery Update..

Special Thanks to:

Paul O’Brien:
Koushik K. Dutta:
The Guys using the Incredible OTA Spoofing Method.

The first thing that comes to mind for most Slide owners is, how far can we over clock it? The Slide is exceptionally fast to be only rated at 600MHZ, it’s possible that the CPU has been under clocked for battery performance like we have seen in the past. Or, maybe it can post some Droid like clocking up to a stable 1GHZ. Over clocked kernels and ROM’s and everything else you would expect out of the Developer community is sure to follow, stay tuned.

[thanks William]


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