We’ve heard so much about this phone lately except for the most important aspect, the pricing. That mystery has been solved with the latest leak to our friends over at Tmonews. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. It will be cheaper than the “Superphones” of today and given the fact that it only has a 600MHZ processor, this is a good move from T-Mobile.

This phone can be yours for only $149 on an Even More plan, this choice will give you the lowest upfront price but you have to sign a new 2 year contract. If being bound by contracts isn’t your thing, you can buy it outright for $399 on the Even More Plus plan. Or you can have your Even More Plus plan broken down to $23 a month if you qualify.

Those are some pretty good pricing option for this handset, it features a new take on HTC’s Sense UI dubbed Expresso. From all the leaked videos of this handset the 600MHZ doesn’t slow this device down at all. June 2nd was the initial rumored release date of this device4. The new rumored release date is 16th. We’ll keep an eye out for more solid information on a release date.


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