Good news for all you myTouch 3G owners. You’re getting Android 2.2!!! This has recently been confirmed by T-Mobile that Froyo will be coming soon. There is currently no word on if the G1 will receive this update as well.

Judging from the picture above I would say that every version of the myTouch 3G is getting some Froyo love. So whether you have a version 1.2, Fender or the original, you can expect to get the update to 2.2 soon. This update not only includes all the goodies that Froyo has to offer, there will be a few extra incentives. The genius button will make its way to every myTouch as well as full exchange support and the new Faves gallery. These features are already included in the new myTouch Slide. I guess the anticipation can now begin. Congratulations my Touch owners you’re now the third phone to officially have 2.2 on the way.

[via tmonews]


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