It’s pretty rare that a new electronics manufacturer passes through the fractured desks of the Android Community offices, but when it does happen we tend to take notice. The Hena MID-1107CM is just such a case, and it’s even more interesting because it’s dropped by the FCC for their standard gamut of wireless tests. And even better, the tablet is running Ice Cream Sandwich, something we’re always happy to see.

The hardware itself is fairly typical: a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1024×600 resolution, 1Ghz single-core processor and a gig of RAM. Not exactly cutting edge, but it’ll run Android 4.0 well enough. Other details include a full USB 2.0 port, microSD card slot, HDMI-out and a VGA front-facing camera. The battery apparently lasts about 4.5 hours with some WiFi web surfing – ouch.

This Taiwanese company seems to be the Hena mentioned in the listing; from what I can tell it’s a small-scale OEM that provides cheap electronics to other companies for some easy branding. If you’ve ever seen a Polaroid-brand television, it’s a good bet that it came from a company that’s very similar. There’s no mention of the MID-1107CM anywhere on the website, but if it’s passing through the FCC in the US, someone wants it here. You might be seeing this thing in the Walgreens “electronics section” in a few months’ time.

[via Liliputing]