Most of you may have been unaware about the OTA that you received on your brand new Droid Incredible. No, it wasn’t and upgrade to Android 2.2 as much as we would like to see that. It was actually maintenance OTA to fix Exchange.

It was discovered that customers using Exchange for corporate email may find when an email is opened that has no recipients in the CC field, unintended recipients email addresses can sometimes be added into the CC field from previously received emails when the user selects the reply all function. The update that is being pushed to customers is to correct that issue. THIS ONLY IMPACTS EXCHANGE Users (corporate users).

The statement above is from Verizon regarding the unannounced OTA. If you was hoping that this would fix your random reboots, sorry, it doesn’t. The new 1.22.605.2 CL161494 software build merely fixes a bug in Microsoft Exchange support. This update was only sent to corporate handsets so don’t feel left out if you didn’t get it yet. There may be another OTA around V that fixes the email bug that enters the wrong address from time to time.

[via engadget]