Imagine you’re driving down a dark road with only your Google Maps app guiding you. You chose the female English voice for the navigation when suddenly out of the blue a deep, male voice starts giving you directions without you changing anything. Well, apparently this is what’s happening to some users of the navigation app, whether they’re on iOS or Android. The Google Maps Twitter account has said they’re working on a fix so hopefully, this slightly nightmarish experience will soon be over.

As with a lot of things on the Internet, reports started coming in on Reddit about this mysterious voice suddenly appearing on Google Maps. Phone Arena reports about the user that posted hearing “what sounded like a deep man’s voice with a slight Indian accent”. It was strange and kind of creepy since the user normally uses a woman’s voice in English. Of course people started responding with their own similar experiences.

Both Reddit and Twitter users have been talking about this probable glitch and it seems to affect both iOS and Android apps. The official Google Maps twitter account responded to one tweet saying that they apologize for this experience and that they are working on a fix for this soon. “Thank you for your patience,” is the standard statement when it’s taking them a while to roll out a solution to this small but creepy problem.

Aside from this being mysterious and at times startling, some users have also said it was embarrassing. One man had the unfortunate experience of having the voice suddenly “appear” while he was picking up a woman for their first date and she happened to be Indian. There are no reports yet of any accidents happening because of a haunted Google Maps app and hopefully it will never come to that.

While waiting for a fix and you’re one of those affected by this mysterious male voice, you may want to switch to Waze in the meantime. Hopefully the haunting is not affecting the Google-owned navigation app.