With just days before the official launch of the T-Mobile G1, MySpace Mobile has already made its debut in the Android Market. It looks like MySpace has beat FaceBook to the punch this time. This version of MySpace Mobile seems very polished and runs smoother than previous versions on other devices.

FaceBook no doubt has their application ready for release any second now. The MySpace Mobile application has undergone a face-lift in the Android release, with a very simple layout it allows you to easily navigate some of the basic features that MySpace has to offer. Navigation tabs on the right side of the screen list from top to bottom Home, Mail, Friends and Photos, to allow quick navigation of the application.

While the application is not as in-depth as the online version, it still allows you to do many things such as approve friend requests, send and receive messages, search for friends, update your current status and upload photos directly from your G1. Now that MySpace Mobile is out, will we see a FaceBook or Twitter application before the 22nd? FaceBook may never be found on Android because of the bad blood between the two companies.

I would like to thank Android Community member mikeyrokschicago for bringing Myspace Mobile to our attention.


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