Today the extremely useful application mysms has just been updated with a few new features that makes it even more useful and one of my favorite apps. If you’ve never used mysms, it lets you send and receive text messages on your phone but it also lets you do the same from your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even a browser. It’s pretty powerful so check it out.

Being able to quickly install the app on your phone and desktop, then leave your smartphone in your pocket while at work sure is useful. You can send and receive text and picture messages all right from the PC or your browser, and everything syncs so you never miss a beat. Today however the update has brought even more uses and power to the application.

While it isn’t mentioned in the changelog, this update makes mysms fully compatible with 1080p devices. Previously they were listed as incompatible but now they work. This means the DROID DNA, and upcoming devices like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One will all work seamless with the application. The main new feature however is MMS syncing to the cloud.

Previously the application only synced with text messages between all your devices, but now you’ll be able to sync and easily transfer media and picture messages with ease. Awesome. The developers also added support for the Xperia Z, HTC One X, and voice activation in regions where pin SMS activation isn’t offered. We recommend giving it a try today for free, and check out some of the dark themes too if you want to change the look and feel. Get it today from the Google Play Store here.

[via MoDaCo]