If you’re the type of person who likes to log absolutely everything, then you should be pleased as punch by this next bit of news. Mysms has been updated, and with this update comes Evernote integration. Mysms and Evernote will now work in tandem to save logs of your text messages, creating a separate note within a dedicated notebook for each and every one of your text conversations.

Kind of creepy, no? It gets even better – once a note has been created for your conversation, new text messages will be archived automatically. This includes picture messages as well, so you can keep almost everything from your SMS conversations. We joke that it’s creepy, but really this could save Mysms users a lot of time and headaches.

After all, people send useful information in text messages all the time, and with Mysms acting as something of a cloud hub for all of your text messages, it can get tricky to bring up that information after a while. With this Evernote integration, all you need to do is remember who gave you that information and then you can search the log of your conversation with them to find it. Not too shabby, if we say so ourselves.

This will also be beneficial to those who send and receive picutre messages often, since Evernote will keep a log of all the picture messages that have appeared on your phone. If you want to take advantage of Mysms with Evernote integration, then good news, as the new version of Mysms is available on the Google Play Store now [download link]. Even better is that it’s free, so what are you waiting for?

[via Evernote Blog]