If you use a smartphone or a tablet with a stylus or a pen, chances are you’re always on the lookout for note-taking apps that will fit your need. Yes, there are tons of productivity apps out there, but almost always one is lacking what another has, and so on and so forth. One app that just officially released a preview version aims to solve all that. MyScript Nebo may be the stylus-based note-taking app you’re waiting for.

The app is powered by MyScript Interactive Ink which is probably one of the best out there that can do handwriting recognition. This basically means you can handwrite, draw, edit, and even format your notes painlessly, as it can recognize what you’re trying to do and even help you out especially in terms of formatting. With the help of your stylus, you will be able to edit and format your notes, and you can even decorate and apply the style that you want.

You will also be able to add rich content, like interactive diagrams, editable equations (thanks to their previous product, the MyScript Calculator) , freeform sketches, and yes you can even annotate pictures that they’ll be adding to the note. You can also choose to export the note as text, HTML, or as a Word document. You can organize the notes into folders, pages, and notebooks.

The app also lets you use a smart layout without limits to the canvas size. The ink will actually also adjust according to the new size and device orientation. Plus, you will be able to search through your notes, whether it’s handwritten or already in text, and even your diagrams. The MyScript Nebo app is still in preview version so don’t expect everything to work perfectly.