A couple of months ago, we mentioned that Ford would be launching the MyFord app for Android Wear. That time has come and starting today, smartwatch owners can enjoy the MyFord Mobile app on their Android Wear-powered devices that are compatible with their Ford vehicles.

Only those who drive a Ford Focus Electric, Ford Fusion Energi, and C-MAX Energi can access the MyFord Mobile app right from their smartwatch to do a number of things like charge or check status of battery, lock or unlock the car, view vehicle mileage summary, precondition the cabin, see vehicle location, and display last ride summary. All these provide the driver more information about the vehicle’s condition and status before driving away. This way, unnecessary situations and problems can be avoided.

The latest MyFord Mobile app is now compatible with Android Wear and even the Apple Watch. All those features we mentioned can be accessed right from the wrist–from any smartwatch model in the market today. It’s been redesigned to fit any square or round smartwatch display so whether your have a round Moto 360 or a square-ish Asus ZenWatch, the app adapts to the shape of the display. Updated app also includes minor bug fixes and minor update to the Station Finder native map.

Download MyFord Mobile from the Google Play Store