The MyFitnessPal has been around for some time now. App is a free calorie counter that provides users access to a large nutrition and calorie database for more information on the kinds of food we eat. It has helped a lot of people with their weight loss goals but the guys behind the app know that MyFitnessPal can do more. That’s why they introduced a new premium version that will provide more granular knowledge about food.

For $9.99 per month or $49.99 annual fee, users can receive a more in-depth food analysis, ad-free experience, and a better customer support. Personalization is also offered plus access to exclusive content on nutritional information you want to know about. This premium tier is ideal for those who are serious with their health and fitness. Of course, an average and ordinary user won’t pay for something they know won’t be using. (Diet? What’s that?!)

There are similar apps available but MyFitnessPal’s premium version focuses on macronutrients in food analysis and not just count the calories. You can even set different profiles to be displayed on your home screen: Macronutrients, Heart-Healty, Carb-Conscious, Custom Summary, and Food Analysis.

MyFitnessPal Premium

This premium tier is the first big update to the app since MyFitnessPal was sold to Under Armour for over half a billion dollars. This one seems pretty special but price (monthly and annual) seems a bit high for a fitness app. What do you think?

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SOURCE: MyFitnessPal


  1. This is very expensive for fitness app/service that is mainly for food calories. It’s very popular service; they could’ve charged very less and still be generating profit. I can live without it!


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