You never really know who it is you are meeting today, especially if you meet someone online. There is risk in going to any party or date with a new person and if you fear that you may need help, but don’t want to tell your friends everything the new app myDateTrackerAlert may be just the thing for you. The app is now on Android and it will tell a contact list where you are if you don’t check-in on time.

You can enter the contacts name along with their phone number and email and set a time and date for your meeting. The user can then set a time and date that they need to check in by. If the user doesn’t check in the message for the contact you enter goes out to let them know you may be in trouble.

The app is interesting and I can see it being useful for many things. You could use it to get your kids to check in when they get home from school for instance and a lot more. The app is 99 cents for purchase. It needs no WiFi or 3G connection to send the alerts, but you do have to have a mobile connection to send alerts but no connection is needed to receive them.