Chromecast is great, and will only get better, but there are thing’s we’d love to change. For instance, the home screen is nice, but doesn’t hold our interest for long. The pictures are nice, but really only serve as a visual distraction between “castings”. MyCastScreen wants to change that, and bring you timely information while the Chromecast is idle.

We should note that MyCastScreen isn’t a replacement homescreen for your Chromecast, because that just can’t be done. What the app does is give you important information you may want to see as you stroll by, like weather info or the time. It can also provide traffic info about your location, and even scroll news from your RSS feed.

The default RSS is set to Reuters, but that can be changed by putting in your own website. We used our own Android Community to much success, and my Feedly feed worked as well. Picture-heavy sites might not work so well, but those which are more text focussed should work just fine.

Though still a little rough, the app has promise. Some toggles can’t be, well, toggled — and features aren’t easily disabled just yet. We like it so far, but it’s going to need a little time for those finishing touches to round into shape. If you want to keep your Chromecast on and running in the background — giving you interesting info the entire time — give MyCastScreen a shot. It will cost you $0.99, but we like the promise it holds.

Via: Google+