It’s not only postpaid users that need an app to help manage their data and other things concerning their account. Even prepaid users need to have a convenient way of making payments, monitoring their usage and adding data if need be, etc. Verizon is now recognizing this need as their My Verizon app will also now be available to prepaid customers as part of the carrier’s plans to add more value to that market segment. They have previously added new plans with more data and even adding an “unlimited” prepaid plan into the mix.

The “new and improved” My Verizon app will be available for prepaid customers starting June 28. You will be able to pay for your account or even enroll in Auto Pay so you wouldn’t need to still manually for your prepaid plan every month. You can also monitor your data usage, which is a pretty important thing if you’re on a limited data plan. You can also add data for emergencies or even change a plan if you feel like your current one isn’t very practical.

The My Verizon app should make life easier for prepaid users and not make them feel like the postpaid children always get all the perks. Carriers have actually been waking up to the fact that this segment is growing and so they need to offer convenient and practical tools, as well as attractive features and treats in order to keep their loyalty.

The app will be available for those on the $40, $50, $60 and unlimited prepaid plans. Just download it from the Google Play Store and start managing your account.

SOURCE: Verizon


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