My Study Life Android app

Even if I’m happy and comfortable behind my laptop tapping away words for work, I sometimes wish that life was this easy back in school. You know, when I could bring my laptop or tablet inside the classroom to take down notes. And when I’m done with my class, I can enjoy browsing the Internet and continue doing my “research” because the whole school is WiFi-enabled. Yep, I’m part of the last generation of university students where owning a laptop was still a luxury and getting into the Internet required dialling into the ISP network.

These days, students, teachers, and even parents have it easy with all the mobile devices available. Computers, smartphones, tablets, and now even wearables make it easy for everyone to be more productive than ever. I can never stress enough how lucky the geeks of this generation are but apps like My Study Life prove that study life can be easier to manage in this day and age.

Store everything from your classes to notes to exams to homework in the cloud so you can access them from anywhere and from any device. Your teacher can save a note or handout on the cloud via the My Study Life app and students can just access them. It’s like a digital planner or school diary that can help you track classes, homework, activities, and more. What’s good about the app is that it integrates all areas of your school life. It’s not just a simple calendar as it’s been optimized to work and help you with your school life

To see your schedule, add your classes and view them in a beautiful and instantly identifiable week view. App also syncs your important school data between your devices so you are always updated and can access your files even when offline. Track everything about your academic life.

Save your homework, notes, assignments, revision, and reminders right on the cloud. Saving your stuff on the cloud makes it easier and more convenient to access from any device. App can also notify you of reminders, tasks, classes, and upcoming exams so you won’t forget anything.

Download My Study Life from the Google Play Store