One of the things that can be a pain to do when you upgrade your Android device is to be sure you’ve downloaded all of your apps from your old device. The easiest way to do that is to look back at your purchase history, but finding that purchase history can be a pain. This is where an app called My Purchases comes in.

The My Purchases app is free to download and allows you to easily view your download history for both free and purchased apps. My Purchases is available in a free version or a Pro version. In addition to checking your purchase history for apps, the application also supports the purchase history for other media types.

Using My Purchases you can see purchases of music, devices, movies, and TV shows made via Google Play. If you’re looking at apps, you can easily download them again by tapping them within the My Purchases application. The free and Pro version of the app have the same functionality.

The only difference between the two versions, other than the $1.29 purchase price of the Pro version, is that the free version is ad supported and the paid Pro version removes all of those ads. My Purchases is available for download right now.

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