Ever since Google launched its new music streaming service, YouTube Music, people have already been wondering if the days of Google Play Music are already numbered. The official statement is that the latter is still here to say and will not technically compete with the former, but we all suspect the writing’s already on the wall. Third-party app My Desktop Player for Google Play Music will probably cease to exist in its current state if that happens so as early as now, the developer is adding support for YouTube Music.

Obviously, the app will also have to change its name (he is open to suggestions right now) but the first order of business right now is to actually integrate YouTube Music into its fold. The developer also said that most of the existing features already work including LastFM support, desktop notifications, audio device selector, OS integrations, a remote control app, and even a Playback API. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to include theming at this point, but you can probably expect that in the future.

If you’re actually not familiar with the app, from the name itself you can surmise that it is a Desktop Player for Google’s original music service since Google did not actually make a stand-alone player that you can use when you’re on your laptop or computer. The app is also open source so fellow developers or just plain users can actually get involved in developing future features. It is also lightweight so you can save your computer’s resources than if you were playing Google Play Music in a Chrome tab. And of course, it is also customizable with themes, colors, etc.

You can download the latest version of My Desktop Player for Google Play Music to start listening to YouTube Music if you’re already a subscriber. You can also start thinking now of what best to name it if the day comes when Google Play Music will officially be gone.

SOURCE: My Desktop Player