Sports is one field where the best is never the best, a truth that the team behind the MY ASICS app has taken to heart as they developed the next version of their mobile app for runners. MY ASICS 2.0 for Android and iOS comes with improved training plan features that represents the team’s better than best efforts.

The MY ASICS mobile app is developed by ASICS, a Japanese company based in Kobe, Japan that specializes in athletic equipment and training. The app particularly focuses on running and marathon training, taking information gathered from research done by the company’s Institute of Sport Sciences to give the best training recommendations for runners. The app basically lets users view their running routes and schedules as well as keep track of performance.

The new version of the app will now let MY ASICS users plan their runs directly in the app without having to do it on a web browser instead. The app also gained some new smarts, automatically adapting running plans and future runs based on the runner’s performance as well as taking into account the right amount of rest needed for proper recovery.

The MY ASICS app is available for free on Google Play Store with support for 13 different languages including English, Japanese, Italian, German, and more. The MY ASICS service itself is available in a limited number of countries, but runners outside those countries are still free to sign up to gain access in their preferred language.

Download: MY ASICS on Google Play Store