If you are the sort that lives within your means, you likely have a budget. You may find yourself looking at things in the store you want to buy and wonder if it will fit your budget at the moment. An interesting budgeting software company called Mvelopes has just announced a new Android app that puts the full budgeting tools at your fingertips to be sure you stay within your budget.

The new Mvelopes app has real time sync with the web-based client server. The coolest part is that the software will interface with thousands of banks around the country and is able to pull transactions automatically from your online baking account. That means you don’t have to make manual entries to your budget, the app will see a charge and you can put it into the correct section.

The app will allow access to your financial data on the go and you can add, change, and delete data on the go as well. The app supports location based charges too using a check-in feature. If you are at a restaurant and need to put the charge into your weekly lunch allowance, you can do it by checking in. the service has a monthly fee to use and offers a free trial. This sounds interesting to me.



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