Roman Nurik, best known for his DashClock homescreen widget, has announced a new open source project of his. Muzei, which is Russian for “museum”, is a live wallpaper app that brings some of the most priceless and iconic works of art right on your phone.

In a sense, there isn’t really anything that special about Muzei. One could say that its popularity might be driven solely by the popularity of the author and his previous work. Muzei simply goes through various pieces of artwork that are curated from the selection available on It can, however, also be set to go through your own creations in your device’s gallery. It will apply a configurable amount of blur so that the art doesn’t clash too much with your own widgets and icons. To view the masterpiece in all its glory, simply double tap on the wallpaper or open the Muzei app.

That said, two things do make Muzei noteworthy. The first is that Nurik has generously released it as an open source app. The second, which is closely related, is that the author has also provided API to make it possible for other developers to create their own image sources, like harvesting images from online comics like XKCD or other art sites like DeviantArt. This is similar to what Nurik has also done with DashClock, which is one of the factors that made the widget so popular. Here’s a short video clip demonstrating how Muzei works.

Muzei is up on Google Play Store and is available for free. Developers interested in creating image sources can check the API documentation here as well

SOURCE: +Roman Nurik