“Skulls of the Shogun”, a turn-based strategy game built by developers 17-Bit, has had gamers on PC and iOS glowing with all the nice things to say about this game. It’s about time that it’s made the jump to Android, and not surprisingly, it is still as amazing as they come.

The fellows at 17-Bit have resumes that include Sega, Nintendo, Irem, Sony, and EA among their former employers – so we are not surprised that this game is as fine as they come. The bobblehead-inspired art of the game is in keeping with the zaniness of the concept – you are a dead Japanese general/shogun who wakes up in the afterlife… and there is a long queue to get into paradise.

As the dead general rebels against the guards, he gathers an army of undead to do the fighting for him. This is turn-based fun, without the hexagons to bore you with limited movement. The fighting aspect of the game is pretty fluid and straight-forward – without spoiling it for you, we can say that you’ll learn to do it the first time you try it. That is not to say that the game is not challenging at all, the fight AI will not give you any freebies, so you have to be on your toes.

Skulls of the Shogun E3 2012 Trailer

The game is a USD$1.99 download from the Google Play Store, and we can assure you that even just by the game length (it is looong), the game pays for itself many times over. The gameplay is deep, and will sure to keep you interested for long periods of time, unlike other such games out there which really fail in this aspect. Check out the source link to get it.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store